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What are the differences between animal fats and vegetable fats that affect a healthy diet?
time:2023-11-22 17:41:20      click:127

In general, vegetable oil contains more essential fatty acids, while animal oil contains less and more saturated fatty acids. The digestibility of vegetable oil is higher than that of animal oil. The vitamin that all sorts of edible oil provide is not identical, vegetable oil contains rich vitamin E mostly in, animal oil is like the vitamin A such as fish liver oil, butter, egg butter and vitamin D content is higher, but in pig, ox, sheep fat does not contain vitamin almost. It can be seen that the nutritional value of animal oil and vegetable oil is different. But no matter what kind of cooking oil they are absorbed by the body, they can produce the same amount of heat.

In daily life, partial diet of meat oil or vegetable oil is harmful to human health. Excessive consumption of animal oil may lead to obesity and hypertension, causing arterialization, coronary heart disease, etc. Excessive consumption of vegetable oil is also harmful. The main fatty acid in vegetable oil is unsaturated fatty acid, which is easy to form peroxidation lipid in human body, thus forming free radicals, which are currently considered to be important substances causing aging and tumor. Most nutritionists agree that it is better to mix animal and vegetable oils than to eat them alone. The proportion of vegetable oil and animal oil in the diet is 2:1.

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