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Industry Dynamics

Environmental protection industry needs "green power"
time:2023-11-22 17:41:55      click:113

In recent years, Chinese governments at all levels have made great efforts to promote research and development of energy conservation and environmental protection technologies and industrial development. The rapid upgrading of energy conservation and environmental protection technologies and rapid industrial development have become important supports for China to promote industrial upgrading and transformation of development mode, promote energy conservation, emission reduction and improvement of people's livelihood, and seize the commanding heights of future competition.

However, compared with developed countries, China's energy conservation and environmental protection technology and industrial development are still in the primary stage of industrialization, which cannot fully meet the needs of reality. The main performance in the following four aspects: first, the innovation ability is not strong enough. There are few original technological developments, few major innovation achievements such as patents, core products and technical standards, poor complete sets of large equipment, low level of self-control, and a big gap with foreign products in terms of reliability, versatility and product structure design. Second, the market order is not standard. Market competition in the energy conservation and environmental protection industries is chaotic, with market segmentation, industry monopolies and local protection in some industries. Private enterprises often encounter "glass doors" and "spring doors" when entering. At the same time, the heavy examination and approval, light supervision, supervision standards are not serious. Third, the pricing fiscal and tax policy mechanism is not perfect. The existing pricing mechanism and fiscal and tax policy system have not fully reflected the cost of resources and environment, and cannot effectively adjust the relationship between market supply and demand, leading to a distinct feature of energy conservation and environmental protection policy orientation, investment orientation and technology orientation. Fourth, financing is difficult and expensive. Most energy conservation and environmental protection projects are characterized by large capital demand, long recovery cycle and slow capital turnover, which make it difficult for enterprises to finance or have high financing costs.

Green cycle and low carbon development is the direction of the current scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation.

As a green industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry needs more "green power" to make new breakthroughs.

First, we need to vigorously promote independent innovation, give full play to the role of major national science and technology projects and science and technology programs, and step up efforts to tackle key generic technologies. We will strengthen the leading role of enterprises in technological innovation, and encourage the development of strategic industrial technological innovation alliances and regional service platforms for energy conservation and environmental protection. We will accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the application of a number of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment that are technologically advanced and economically applicable.

Second, strengthen environmental supervision and strict law enforcement, and crack down on all kinds of environmental violations in accordance with the law; We will strengthen industrial supervision and rectify and standardize the market order for energy conservation and environmental protection. Give full play to the role of market means such as standards in promoting industrial development, and guide and promote enterprise transformation and upgrading; We will change the concept of supervision, accelerate the open development of data on energy conservation and environmental protection, and explore new ways of supervision such as the Internet plus supervision.

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